When it comes to hip hop, no one is more synonymous with the billionaire dollar culture than  Tennessee’s very own Lil Will. A tenacious young mogul  whose talent and unprecedented hustle as a host,writer,actor,producer,artist and all around entertainer that has afforded him major industry clout and the ability to cultivate key relationships with some of the industry’s most well-known persons.  By way of Brownsville, TN a young Lil Will knew from his days as an adolescent that he was destined to be great, and to achieve the things that everyone told him would never happen.  It was his die-hard belief that he was blessed with an innate gift and uniqueness all his own; that equipped him with a superman-like talent that was absolutely unparalleled, unrivaled, and unimaginable.  

Lil Will knew that in spite of what anyone said,  or did to stop him that he was guaranteed to sit amongst hip hop royalty and be revered as one of the greatest talents in the history of entertainment.  A young Lil Will would unapologetically make his way into Hollywood and get introduced to his natural acting chops, the likes of which landed coveted gigs with iconic television brands such as Nickelodeon, Disney, and ABC. Everyone was in awe of the little kid with the BIG personality, and Lil Will was well on his way to being one of Hollywood’s elite child stars, when tragedy would unexpectedly strike without warning or notice, and shatter hope like fine glass falling to hard pavement.

The loss of his mom to breast cancer would prove to be a difficult blow, and it would take everything that he had, to deal with such a devastating loss. At times life seemed to be all but a forgotten remnant of the past. Until, one day as Lil Will was lying in bed just carelessly staring into space, he began to think of the impeccable woman that his mother was, and of all the amazing memories that were forever etched into his being.  He could hear his mother telling him that he knows she would not stand for him giving in to defeat and that in spite of what took place, that he had to go on because she knew he was going to make her proud.

In an instant sorrow transitioned itself into hope and belief, and Lil Will would gather himself and set out on an unprecedented mission to make his mama proud. Lil Will, now ready to take the world by storm and show his mom who was watching down from heaven, that he would fulfill his promise to her by making his dreams come true and setting out to accomplish all the things that he said he would. This time his focus would also include his undying passion to exercise his hip hop lyrical ability and this would propel things to a new level.

Like the overnight success stories that you read about, Lil Will packed up everything he had and hightailed it to LA , and no sense of what would happen when he got there, but he knew he had to go. Though everyone thought he was crazy, he did it anyway; and he embarked on a journey which included filming an episode of “MADE” on MTV touring all over the US with many talents such as Mindless Behavior,Diggy Simmons, The New Boyz, Travis Porter and to get Co signs from veterans such as the RZA from the legendary WU TANG CLAN and DENAUN “MR” PORTER of EMINEM’S SHDY RECORDS AND D-12 campand as fate would have it, he would be privy to meeting one of the world’s biggest super producers Drumma Boy, who just so happens to hail from Memphis, Tennessee also. The two would make a super connection and in what seemed like the blink of an eye, Lil Will would have the bragging privileges of being an official signee of Drum Squad, a label created and founded by Drumma Boy himself.  Lil Will is busy in the lab these days working tirelessly on his first studio single via Drum Squad, but definitely makes time to hit some of the hottest red carpets and awards shows in all of Hollywood. Lil Will, to call him anything but legendary would be insulting… Welcome To Drum Squad!